India’s First Curated
Talent and Athlete NFT Exchange

We live in the future. Our aspiration is to be the force in changing how Art, Media, and Talent are valued. We are using blockchain technology to liberate and unleash the power of creativity.

We have teamed up with some of India’s top Artists, Athletes, Music Bands, A-Listed Brands to invoke an NFT Revolution.

We have started the journey with a single vision. To bring you the most curated and rare art and media.

"ownership" is democratized.

In most cases, the legitimacy of the works and ideas is guaranteed, which will make every piece unique.


Spyder Technology.
Stay Secured. Realtime.

We are powered by, one of the most innovative and scalable technology platforms.

This allows your NFT to be monitored across the web for duplicates, rip-offs, and copycats that can damage your brand and impact your auction.

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